Information Technology Service | Reduce Costs While Providing Reliable Business Technology

it_servicesManaging all aspects of information technology in-house can prove to be quite troublesome. Businesses often spend a large amount of their budget on maintaining their internal systems through their own personal information technology team and end up disappointed. While this may seem like an odd statement, it is very true. There are a variety of people boasting IT skills and seeking employment every day. Interviewing and being able to determine their specific skills takes time and money. Time is very important to a business and nothing is worse than spending weeks interviewing and training an IT employee only to find out that they are not qualified to do the job. An unqualified technology staff leads to large amounts of down time, data inconsistency, security issues, and many other issues. These problems can cost the company money and clients. Many businesses prevent these occurrences by using an information technology service. An information technology service can decrease costs and provide the most knowledgeable IT people in the business.

Main Benefits of IT Consulting Companies

IT consulting companies eliminate the need to hire and train employees, pay multiple salaries, pay benefits, and budget money for tools needed to do the job. Companies find that it financially better to pay one fee to a consulting firm. An IT consulting company starts out by reviewing the current information technology situation. This involves evaluating the current hardware, applications, and setups being utilized by the network and individual employees. They also learn what the company would like to achieve and all budget restrictions. Once everything has been reviewed, the service provider creates a plan and presents it to your business. An experienced company will offer a plan that not only results in great running technology but also at the lowest cost. IT consulting companies implement every portion of the plan and offer to support it. An internal employee can go through the process and support the technology after it is in place.

How Can IT Consultants Help?

IT consultants will help your business choose hardware that increases performance and is upgradeable, within the budget, and dependable. They do the same for software with the result of very efficient technology. There are an abundance of hardware and software choices available. Of course sometimes the latest and greatest is not always the best choice. Trends fade fast and dependability is much more important than having the coolest gadgets. IT consultants know how to pick information technology components that will truly help your business and achieve company goals. Items such as peripherals, laptops, desktops, and printers should be chosen based on the tasks they need to perform. These items are necessary for your business to run and need to be reliable. Failed hardware and undependable employee workstations are only some of the things that consultants circumvent. Network security is vital for data integrity and the safety of the system. Consultants are familiar with all settings and security applications.They create a sound network that is protected from down time, viruses, and external attacks. Their monitoring capabilities and other services make ultimate stability and performance achievable for any business.

IT consulting companies take the work out of creating, maintaining, and supporting an IT department. Their IT consultants reduce technology costs and increase quality and performance.


Fast and Flexible Technology Solutions

Imagine traveling for business without the extra hassles of carrying a laptop computer. Picture a convention booth configured with the latest technology; Plasma screens, fast laptops and a great sound system. Think of how easy in-house training would be if you could, with one phone call, have an entire classroom set up, complete with desktop computers, a server and printer. Those are just some of the problems that computer rentals can solve for your company.Rentals are a quick fix to the technology issues facing modern businesses. Unlike leasing, which usually involves lengthy agreements with penalties for cancellation, renting is designed to be flexible and fast. When you rent computers and other hi-tech equipment, you define the rental period and the location. Because of their inherent flexibility, computer rentals are ideal for short-term projects.

A weekend conference or a week-long training session can be accommodated. If you need new technology for the longer term, rentals are also the answer. New product testing and temporary staff increases are common scenarios in which long-term computer rentals are undertaken. Most computer rental companies have a national or even international reach, so they can fulfill your order quickly, even if you need your equipment set up on the other side of the country. This is why so many business travelers turn to rentals. Instead of carrying equipment with them, they can rent everything they need and have it set up and waiting for them at their destination. Small businesses can benefit greatly from computer rentals.

Instead of investing in expensive equipment, like LCD projectors, they can rent when the need for that technology arises. Rentals also offer businesses of all sizes a chance to try new technology before buying. Rentals should figure into your disaster planning. No one wants to think about the damage that fire, flooding or equipment failure can cause, but it helps to be prepared.You can minimize downtime by keeping the name and number of a reputable computer rental company in your PDA. How do you know a good rental company? They should make it easy for you to get a quote on equipment. They should be responsive and flexible. In addition to offering the latest technology, they should also have a team of knowledgeable consultants to help with setup, take down and troubleshooting.


Cisco Router Technology

Cisco Routers now stands for an integrated network system of advanced technology. This is now a router that combines dissimilar networks into one merged service that operates from just one device instead of several and is capable of many functions. The network routers offer the technology for wireless, data, voice, video, other kinds of applications and Internet access all in one convenient device.

Many benefits come from the use of the Integrated Services of the Network Router. Many companies are expanding and opening offices in other areas. In order to keep each new office abreast of the activities of the headquarters they can use the new integrated network router solutions which are very secure, capable of being compatible of future technologies and are over all proved to be flexible.

The greatest advantage of the Cisco Router is that there are a great many different functions available with just the one device. There are several technologies that are built in as part of the device which makes the an incorporated service system which does offer voice, advanced security systems and of course the wireless capabilities. All of the functions carry the promise of quality and enable easy prioritization because of the application of the integrated network.

This allows big companies to use all of the advanced features offered by the integrated network router or lets them add features with no problems. With all the capabilities of the one devise the company is able to incorporate all the various individual functions that it needs without having to purchase several different machines to do the same thing.

For a company that is expanding, this service is extremely convenient. Headquarters of the company will have full use of the devices and so will the branches. With this integrated system all the employees will have full access to all the functions no matter where they are located in relation to the main office. There are now unified communications for video conferencing and access to all the applications of the business.

It is now possible due to the modular solutions that every office has the installation of the features they each need. It is also possible for the equipment to be upgraded for each office whenever it is necessary and should the main office expand further the equipment can be easily updated to accommodate them as well.

Using the integrated services network router to unify the office communications the management of all the functions of the system can be handled form the main office. Central management makes it easy to distribute projects to employees no matter to which location they may be stationed. All the offices will be able to have the same use of the various functions the same as the main office does.

With the use of this system, Cisco’s integrated services network router makes it possible for transferring with security and reliability all the information necessary from the computers of the users to the network. Doing business this way protects the company from running the risk of infecting any of the individual computers or the company main system with nasty viruses or infections that happen when using the Internet. The fewer connections to the Internet the greater security there is for the company and its data. Viruses can attack computer without the knowledge of the user so with the centralized router system combining the connection the whole operating system is protected.


Windows Virtual Private Server Hosting

Webmasters who are inclined to be fastidious about cost efficiency, convenience and control of installed applications now have the option to get Windows Virtual Private Servers that offer ideal solutions to such requirements at an affordable cost. Many webmasters have switched to WVPS type of hosting because they cost a lot less than dedicated servers; yet can perform with the same efficiency and can achieve the same benefits as that of the latter.

With the use of Microsofts Hyper V technology, Windows Virtual Private Server hosting providers offer efficient and versatile solution. The advanced technology employed simulates dedicated server hosting solutions at a lesser price by allowing the same level of control with the use of remote desktop (terminal server/RDP) and puts forward full administrative access, total OS access and OS selection.

Windows Virtual Private Servers use a system that in many ways, does the same precise functions of a dedicated server hosting; but since they use shared hardware, the result is a much less expensive solution for business looking to establish exclusive networks, entire virtual clusters or organize balanced loads of geographically diverse applications, all without the heavy burden of costly overhead that dedicated hardware involves.

Instead of buying a physical system to run their applications, software developers realize that they can cut considerable cost by choosing to have a Windows VPS account. The great thing about it is that WVPS allow webmasters to do some customization to suit their purpose, as Windows VPS are designed to tap existing computer resources.

The guaranteed resources feature, together with burstable RAM enables software developers to separate tasks into much simpler assignments. It is quite easy to separate images and text contents, for example; as this type of account allows you a lot more flexibility compared to the set up of shared accounts. You can maximize hosting resource management and even when you find yourself on the verge of saturating the limit of your guaranteed resources, the burstable RAM can be relied to compensate for the necessary extra space.

Numerous programs are utilized by webmasters to accomplish their daily tasks. The advantage of this is you can configure and install preferred programs while also providing the opportunity to have unlimited application combinations. For example, when the web application framework ASP.NET is installed, it can help webmasters ad software developers in executing web-related assignments.

Windows Virtual Private Servers account can also perfectly accommodate Microsoft’s Internet Information Service (IIS), the second most popular web server in the world. Webmasters who are into creating dynamic and database driven websites can also install Cold Fusion which is very useful for this task. Its versatility does not end there. Windows Virtual Private Servers allow the configuration and installation of free and open source applications in lieu of proprietary or licensed applications.

For most small businesses, reducing costs is as vital as increasing profits. The utilization of these servers can significantly improve business efficiency and profitability. A switch to Windows VPS hosting solution is guaranteed to change your view on how small businesses do business. It is a very simple process that does not involve high upfront costs.


Cloud Computing

Economic uncertainty has created the need for swift, responsive and highly secured IT infrastructures that are also environmentally friendly and more business focused. Organizations are struggling to find the competitive edge, turning to the bounty of opportunities technology provides. Cautious to jump at the latest buzz phrases and hyped solutions, many have cautiously investigated recent technology breakthroughs, many of which have one thing in common:redistribution of IT roles. There is no better time than the present to revamp technology strategy focused on hosted solutions. Clouds are gathering…

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the major ways to secure an upper hand in today’s highly competitive market. Minutes of downtime means the loss of vital sales as businesses with prolonged data loss find themselves in a real position of collapsing. Cloud computing changes the traditional corporate data center structure that resides on company premises. Instead, systems are moved to secure outsourced data centers, either in a private or public configuration. Private clouds are dedicated servers used exclusively for a single company, whereas public clouds have multiple companies sharing the same resources. Additional research is therefore essential in deciding which cloud configuration best meets your needs, most importantly regarding legal and privacy requirements.

Technology departments across all industries are met with similar issues including budget cuts, personnel downsize and mounting pressure for technology to prove its worth in answering key business issues. A great deal of IT departments run with a vague, or possibly blind, vision into the future, focusing on day-to-day network upkeep and expending great amounts of money keeping core systems operational. This approach leaves no time for innovation, process improvements or meeting business strategic objectives. Competitive advantage can be gained by moving day-to-day operations out, allowing execution of strategic initiatives.

The diverse and seemingly endless potential of cloud computing make it a very attractive solution to some of today’s most important business issues. Whether it’s upgrading data entry applications, launching new collaboration portals or overhauling demanding e-mail systems, all is possible and occurring today within the cloud. Historically, engineers of all sorts, including database, security, applications and integrations were needed on staff in order to begin new initiatives. Hosted solutions provide all that information without the heavy staffing costs. Building a partnership with a reliable IT solutions provider will deeply impact the success of your initiatives. A good hosting provider will act as a direct extension of your IT department, offering solutions to the business issues you discover in the renewed IT strategic approach. Your success has a direct effect on their success.

E-mail is the number one communication medium used in the 21st century workplace, and it grows more complex on a daily basis. It is an integral workflow component and is an excellent means for automating communication, increasing information flow to customers and employees, without the need to drain employee time sending reports and updates. An increased number of applications have been developed specifically to integrate with the company messaging system, some of which automatically generate bills, and others send out vital project warnings and notifications. Without expertise for each one of its many parts, integration opportunities may be lost, leaving businesses in danger of lost internal and external communication, which translates into poor customer service and decreased profit.

Overwhelmingly, the cloud has been a proven success for replacing traditional business e-mail environments. Software costs, server replacements and constant applications training make it an expensive system to maintain. Again, time spent tending to IT infrastructure takes away from valuable time streamlining old and costly systems. If you don’t become more efficient, your competition will.

One mid-sized organization was faced with a difficult situation. Operating on an aging Microsoft Exchange platform, the mailbox database had grown to its maximum size without the possibility of adding additional message stores. Three servers that were the backbone of the Exchange system were approaching 10 years old and experiencing hardware malfunctions. An expensive investment in hardware and software seemed like the only answer. However, IT management realized the benefits of a Microsoft Exchange hosting solution, and therefore sought out a reputable hosting provider to address their growth issues. After careful planning and execution, local servers were migrated to the outsourced data center, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Within the first month of the transition, help desk calls dropped by more than 10 percent, and e-mail availability became higher than ever, greatly attributed to the team of systems experts at their disposal. Critical systems updates and maintenance were performed regularly by the new Exchange hosting team, and key performance indicators were actively monitored. Discrepancies were resolved immediately. Such dedication and proactive response time would have been impossible to do with the previous e-mail infrastructure and company IT staff.

Transitioning to the Microsoft Exchange hosted service eliminated the need to purchase brand new servers or invest in the latest software upgrades. No longer will the company be faced with huge, unexpected hardware replacement costs. Instead, the fixed monthly hosting costs help keep the IT budget balanced and funds spent more wisely. Packaged with the Microsoft Exchange hosted solution was an e-compliant archiving system and a leading anti-spam solution; one more way the company saved money.

All the technology endeavors translated into better service for the customer. Now, the business stands strong with a robust, adaptive e-mail system and comprehensive electronic audit trail. The tier four data center where the e-mail service resides has been a welcome addition to the company disaster recovery plan. Capping out the many benefits is the approximately $50,000 saved annually along with lower carbon emissions through retirement of old servers.

As technology leaders and innovators, we must avoid the trap of judging success on traditional measurements, such as network uptime and backup reliability. Instead, creating an IT strategic plan with input from company executives opens our eyes to new possibilities. Technology can be a true business enabler, and cloud computing is one way to yield measurable business results, molding information technology into business technology.


Effective Information Technology Solution

As the Internet keeps expanding, companies are not satisfied with mere web presence. Discerning companies today want their websites to reflect their corporate philosophy. An information technology solutions provider builds and maintains a company’s digital brand image by developing unique, customer centric web development solutions that augment their corporate image. They cater to all your business needs – from creating a simple static site to complex database driven interactive websites. What separates them from the rest is the strength of the creative team, which is a harmonic blend of innovation and experience. The end result is visually stunning websites that are functionally efficient.

In the ever-changing myriad world that is the Internet, it is no longer sufficient to have a website that looks merely good and is functional. The end objective of a website is to enhance brand awareness and increase the sales. As the web keeps on expanding, it is becoming increasingly evident that companies need to explore all the avenues that will make their website more accessible. Search engines play a vital part in promoting business by driving more customers to a site. Surfers today rely on search engines to find context sensitive information.

An effective working IT solutions provider has to take cognizance of this trend. He has a dedicated team of SEO professionals who use proven design methodologies that drive targeted traffic to your site, thereby opening more avenues of revenue generation. He has developed an array of software products that avails maximum advantage of the benefits the Net has to offer. This range of products empowers a company to be cost effective. The products are highly scalable, and can integrate with an existing legacy system.

Web based software applications makes project management trouble free and straightforward, simplifies the process of lead tracking and generation for call centers, develops a transparency within the team members which in turn speeds up the complete process, and are useful for webmasters who are responsible for handling many websites at a time. Essentially, this software applications automates many manual processes and also provides help from its constantly upgraded knowledge base.

Evaluation Phase
The evaluation phase gives a clear and concise understanding right up front of the capabilities, scope, requirements, costs and schedule for a system that meets current business objectives, while building a foundation that allows you flexibility and scalability for future needs. Recommended is an appropriate course of action to deliver the new or re-engineered system. This phase includes functional requirements, high-level system architecture diagram, and a project plan, as well as technical and related business risks that the existing system may pose to future operations.

Analysis Phase
Combined with applicable evaluation phase findings the analysis phase lays the foundation that turns your business vision into operational reality. The analysis phase produces detailed requirements and system architecture specifications to ensure smooth, predictable project execution. Key Analysis phase deliverables are:

– Requirement Specification – a detailed description of functional needs, as well as non-functional requirements, including performance, reliability and security requirements.
– High Level Object Model – highlighting key business objects and their relationships.
– High Level Project Plan – with preliminary schedule, tasks, resource requirements and organization chart.
– Technical and Software Architecture Specifications – including software partitioning, other products, protocols and deployment options.
– Architecture and GUI Prototypes – to insure that the end product is not only functionally efficient, but user friendly.

Development Phase
Milestones are assigned for each grouping of business functions, and for implementation and testing. Generally, each milestone is completed within four to six weeks, depending on the number of business functions in the milestone and the complexity of the functionality described. The development work for each milestone includes:

– Design Documentation – with sequence diagrams and a greater level of detail provided to the Object Model.
– Source Code Written – to implement each business function in the system.
– Testing – beginning with unit testing, followed by incremental integration testing and regression testing.
– Functional System Demo – as each milestone completes, a demonstration of the functionality becomes available for review.

Testing Phase
This final phase of the development process actually starts during the analysis phase when the project team evaluates and selects the best testing tools for your company’s system test. A three-step testing process begins with:

– System Test and User Acceptance Planning – which details processes for conducting the system test, defines how and when performance and stress testing will be conducted, details reporting and tracking of software defects and outlines test team member roles.
– User Acceptance Test/Pilot – the last step in the testing phase includes final testing of the software and release to a subset of the user community. The pilot process develops a core group of users to debug the system in its actual production environment and to help accelerate training when made available to a broader user community.


Develop a Business With Various Features of Business Technology Solutions

Establishing and running a small business demands various tasks to be performed properly. A number of small business owners find themselves in deep waters if they are unable to keep pace with the time and technology. With numerous latest inventions and additions to the business sector, you need to take advantage of as many tools and services available to make your job easier.

Even if you have a tight budget, you can still manage to equip your business with great technologies in a reasonable price. For instance, a person will buy computer electronics to start up his business as no business has remained untouched by computers today.

Technology solution- Benefits

With the Internet receiving an overwhelming response worldwide, it is providing new enterprises for the entrepreneurs and small businessmen as well. Social networking, on one hand, has become an excellent way to make use of free technologies that can help your business. Creating your own accounts on these sites helps you to get the exposure to the world and other people.

Another great option is to run your payroll online with many great online payroll solutions. It effectively helps you to operate your business and make it easier for your employees to get their money on time. Some other technologies like web conferencing solutions have great advantage of their own and number of business people take benefit of this to interact with their foreign clients.

Nowadays, one can make a huge profit by availing IT solutions in one’s business as well. The virtual IT service providers can help a business with its security management, CRM, HRM, network planning and other computing services. The utility service providers efforts for the quality performance keeping in mind their business goals of the clients.

The great option of virtual phone systems can be observed accelerating the your business to the heights. You can avail multiple extensions, call forwarding and many other integrated options all from one simple location. Even the smallest desktop business can maintain the professionalism of a big business. This facility further advances to tele-seminar which has also become quite common.

Updating your business with such latest and beneficial services and technologies can turn one’s business into a high-end professional system.


VoIP Business Technology Solutions

Almost all corporate houses or business organizations earn profits on the basis of the communication and management that they share with their employees or customers. For instance, if a corporate house uses a phone as its main mode of communication, then it can earn more profits by switching from the traditional PSTN systems to the all new VoIP business solutions. This switch over to VoIP solutions will definitely help business organizations to slash down their communication costs to a large extent.

The solution of Voice over Internet Protocol effectively uses a package of changing method for sending the calls. The use of this new technology allows corporate houses and business organizations to cut down the calling costs because like PSTN, they are not regulated.

Moreover, it improves the productivity of call without any problems. The VoIP business technology solutions provides flexibility in calls which in turn ensures the development of an organization regardless of their locations.

Following accounts for the best VoIP technology solutions:

Professional Training:

Few renowned service providers offer initial training to the professionals working in corporates. As they are using this technology for the first time, training not only makes them comfortable but also helps them in understanding this technology better.

Call Tariffs:

Different VoIP service providers offer different tariffs for transferring the call. Make sure that your service provider offers you the rate which is at par with the rates of the industry. Always remember that even a difference of cent will count once you start making international or long distance calls.

Ease of Functioning:

A good VoIP service provider would try to incorporate the IP telephony with the communication structure of the organization with maximum comfort and minimum discomfort.


Make sure that the VoIP service provider offers you with all the features like call waiting, call conferencing etc. so that you can improve your business to a large extent.

Moreover, VoIP business solution ensures communication with superior quality of voice using the high speed broadband connections. The usage of high speed broadband connections allows the user to enjoy clear transmission of voice, data or video over a single line. Besides the broadband network, business organizations opting for the change require particular software and hardware for availing the benefits associated with this technology.


Implement Total Security Solutions

Today, we live in a very volatile global society where threats come from all possible directions – from a depressed child plotting harm and unpredictable natural disasters, to hardened criminals, dictatorial megalomaniacs, and crazed terrorist. Indeed, devastation and evil are everywhere. Institutions, establishments along with other governing bodies bear the very heavy responsibility of implementing total security solutions in order to keep their premises or perhaps jurisdictions completely safe. Gladly, with the growth in the number of threats and the complicated forms they come in, technology has likewise provided lots of means in order to combat them and definitely stop them from being realized.

There are indeed some organizations that specialize in designing, implementing, operating, as well as maintaining the most advanced security systems. Via these innovative safety, security, and technology solutions that are being used by teams of experts consisting of architects, engineers, educators, technologists along with project managers, various companies will be able to allow major organizational transformation by implementing the most steadfast and cutting-edge infrastructure protection initiatives.

Such service will not just include knowledge transfer, but also, human resource training and development. In order to make their clients very prepared and equip in deterring, detecting, as well as denying danger, whether it sourced from conventional threats or asymmetrical ones, these organizations provide security systems integration, strategic and operational consultancy, and the training and development that are very essential to the successful implementation of these turnkey and intelligent solutions. In turn, legacy systems within their clients’ environment are operated, upgraded, as well as maintained regardless of whether how critical the infrastructure or challenging the conditions are.

Some of the sectors wherein these security services are in demand are the oil and gas industry. No matter if working with a private or government institution, these security companies will offer the right systems integration and managed solutions. Some of the integrated systems they give include safe city solutions, border systems, aviation security, pipeline protection, maritime security, event security, and journey management. Among the managed solutions that are offered would include vehicle trackers, remote secure connectivity solutions, global communications centres, and many more.

With all their industry experts coming up with excellent solutions which are focused on integrated security systems along with consultancy, training, and support, these security companies will definitely provide an invaluable service. With all their efforts, even the most threatened environments will be able to enjoy a high level of safety and protection.


Professional Technology Solutions For Business Organizations

Whether you run a small or big business organization, you need a completely seamless and cost effective professional it solutions to communicate successfully and effectively with present clients or customers and connect with new clients. In this highly competitive world of business, new phone systems are making significant contributions so that you can enhance your business communications.

As they are highly cost effective and affordable, these phone systems are extremely popular among various small business organizations. If you decide to install a professional phone system in your business organization, you not only enhance your workforce productivity but also maintain a hassle free communication and improve customer retention.

Majority of the professional business solutions use only web hosts providing e commerce features. However, there are some professional companies that are involved in all the phases of these IT solutions from running online stores to maintaining, building and marketing. For example Mart Street.

Mart Street is one of the established business solution company in the market. They provide everything such as website design, domain names, e-commerce, search engine optimizations, content management systems, web mail, e mail.

Coming back to phone systems, there is a wide array of communication systems that takes complete care of all your business needs. All these solutions are extremely powerful, providing a wide variety of features such as call routing and call messaging, call reporting, in bound caller id look up, call waiting, speed dialling, unified messaging, e mail integration, cell phone message notify, various find me numbers, outbound caller ID blocking and much more.

Over the past few years, technology has turn out to be synonymous with IT, because there is no other technological development that has made an impact on all the spectrum of business. Irrespective of the kind of business you own, that is goods or services, manufacturing or trading, branded or commodity, conventional or contemporary deployment of IT in one form or the other is a bygone conclusion.

To deploy and manage information technology in an effective way, almost all business firms require experienced and knowledgeable workers. Managing these workers is the entire responsibility of HR department. Therefore, the HR and the integration technology is an absolute must.


Metro Ethernet Over Fiber Internet Technology

Metro Ethernet over fiber is focused on delivering red hot speed. Generally speaking, it is the fastest intent connection possible under current technology. It is the latest generation of data transfer technology for the internet. Its historical development reaches back to the IEEE 802.3 specification originally released in 1981. That standard has been improved over the years. For example, when first written it referred to data transfer speeds of 10 Mbps (megabits per second).

Initially, Ethernet internet connections were completed with thicknet coaxial wiring. However it was stiff, rigid and difficult to handle. The next development came with thinnet wiring that delivered greater speeds. Next came twisted-pair wiring that delivered even greater speeds. But it was limited by magnetic interference and cross-talk issues as data speeds were increased.

Both these problems are solved by fiber optic or unshielded twisted-pair wiring. This fiber technology also consistent, undistorted transfers of data speeds as high as 10 gigabits per second (10Gb Ethernet), this being 100 times speedier than non-fiber Ethernet.

Ethernet over fiber requires high capital expenditure to install. Only high traffic data users can justify the cost. Even organizations connected to the internet with Cat 5 or perhaps Cat 6 connections may find it difficult to justify installing a fiber optic connection.

Speeds achieved by Ethernet over fiber are blazingly faster than those provided by broadband, regardless of whether that broadband is delivered by cable, by wireless or by satellite. Initially, internet users greatly appreciated broadband connections. Metro Ethernet connections are greatly superior to conventional broadband.

Metro Ethernet over fiber, of course, requires fiber optic infrastructure to be installed. This capacity has been installed in only a small number of selected geographic areas. It is not yet widely available. If it is not installed in your region, it is likely to become available soon. The rollout of this technology is now just a matter of time.